Food Tour V


Food tour for everyone! We sample plant based indulgences from six St. Augustine local restaurants...

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Here are some answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions...

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As licensed tour guides of St. Augustine your sure to leave the tour with some knowledge of the oldest city...

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Give the gift of healthy plant-based dining experiences. Food Tour V makes a perfect gift for any foodie whether you're a vegetarian, an avid vegan, or just intrigued by the possibility of exploring plant-based cuisine. Food Tour V gift cards make a delightful gift for anyone - friends, family, lovers of food and history, local area residents, visitors of St. Augustine, or even a future indulgence for yourself!

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Food tour for everyone!

Food Tour V was created by creator/foodie tour guide Becky who had long been a fan of food tours prior to being vegan. However, once she became vegan, she began planning a way to bring plant-based food tours to her own community. Hearing an interest from the community, Becky saw this as an opportunity to create St. Augustine's first plant-based food tour - Food Tour V.

Food Tour V is a food tour for every taste! Come with us for a delicious adventure as we sample some of the tastiest plant-based cuisines from 6 local St. Augustine restaurants. You don't have to be vegan or eat only a plant-based diet to enjoy this food tour, although there are no animal products in the courses we sample, you are sure to love all the fresh, unique flavors and possibly discover your new favorite plant-based dish! This tour is about half of a mile walk and will span about 3 - 4 hours, giving you plenty of time to digest your courses, so you're less likely to have that heavy feeling after satisfying your sweet and savory delights. We offer brunch and dinner tours to satisfy your adventurous foodie appetite whether it's mimosas, scrambles, and sandwiches or entrees, appetizers, and desserts, Food Tour V has it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How long is the walk?
A) exactly half a mile

Q) How long does the tour take
A) Approxametly 3.5-4 hours

Q) How many restaurants will we go to
A) 6 local restaurants with plant based options

Q) Do I have to be vegan for this tour?
A) Nope, this tour is for everyone (although no animal products will be offered).



Favorite Food: Daiya Cheezy Mac with Daring Plant Chicken

Becky has been into bodybuilding since 2017. Before she became a vegan, she was overly concerned with the concept of how she would get enough protein by eating a vegan diet. But that all changed in 2018 when she expanded her mindset and learned that she could get all the protein a bodybuilder needs from plants! With the health benefits and ethical reasons solidifying her lifestyle change, she saw this as an opportunity to enjoy all her favorite foods, just in a new plant-based way, while savoring all the same nostalgic flavors! Becky's foodie spirit is stronger than ever, and now that she's a certified weight loss and physique sport competition coach, she's truly found her passion in sharing her love of plant-based foods with her community.

"When you pair delicious plant-based food with travel it creates a winning combination!"


Favorite Food: Nachos topped with Good Foods Vegan Plant-Based Queso Style Dip

Tiffany is a St. Augustine native and has lived in the historic city her whole life. She and her family have been vegan since 2009. When she came to veganism, she has no idea just how life-changing it would be. Going vegan taught her to expand the boundaries of her comfort zone and pushed her to try new and exotic foods. By eating a plant-based diet Tiffany found all the energy she needed to fuel her fitness journey and, in the process, become a certified yoga instructor! She is passionate about sharing all the ways in which the oldest city supports a vibrant, healthy, plant-based lifestyle.

"Put on your favorite walking shoes and come hungry because adventure awaits!"